ID 11053
Name Goldstone
Short Description A chunk of ore flecked with golden fragments
Long Description

On the brink, under his very hand as he crouched, he found it, a thin vein of sparkling gold running from an outcropping of ore to the edge and down across the silvery floor.> - People of the Black Circle

Merchants and Kings alike will tell you that gold is more powerful than any sorcery. It is gold that keeps bellies full, armies equipped, and the commoners entertained. A pauper may be free, but gold offers an entirely different type of freedom.

Gold is too soft to be used in the forging of weapons, but it is a highly sought after alchemical ingredient. It can be ground into a fine dust and ingested or melted down and used to create jewelry and other trinkets.

Some sages argue that gold has properties that ward against creatures of the Outer Dark, but other, wiser sages have pointed out that wearing gold to ward off such creatures will attract the attention of a complete different class of unsavory being.

Stack Size 1000
DLC None
Patch Added 2.0 or earlier
Patch Last Seen In 2.7

Created by

Recipe Name Ingredients
1x Stone
1x Gold-vein Rocknose Carcass
1x Stone

Used in

Recipe Name Ingredients Result
Gold Bar
3x Goldstone
1x Gold Bar
1x Pebblenose
1x Goldstone
1x Rocknose
90.0% chance
1x Gold-vein Rocknose
10.0% chance
Shadespiced Gold
20x Goldstone
1x Shadebloom
1x Shadespiced Gold