Lupin Seeds

ID 11109
Name Lupin Seeds
Short Description Seeds that can be planted
Long Description

Though not as exciting as the life of the adventurer, the life of the farmer is still considered a vital and noble pursuit. Without food, after all, how can any hope to survive the rigors of the wilderness?

Stack Size 1000
DLC None
Patch Added 2.0 or earlier
Patch Last Seen In 2.7

Created by

Recipe Name Ingredients
Lupin Seeds
3x Grey-flower Lupine

Used in

Recipe Name Ingredients Result
10x Lupin Seeds
1x Spice
Grey-flower Lupine
1x Lupin Seeds
1x Compost
10x Grey-flower Lupine
15x Lupin Seeds
1x Oil
Decorative Planter (Lupin)
13x Stone
1x Lupin Seeds
1x Decorative Planter (Lupin)