Glowing Goop

ID 14195
Name Glowing Goop
Short Description A pile of...something that glows
Long Description

What this is, where it comes from and how it got here are a mystery. What matters is that it can be used in the creation of a cyan dye.

Stack Size 1000
DLC None
Patch Added 2.0 or earlier
Patch Last Seen In 2.7

Created by

Recipe Name Ingredients

Used in

Recipe Name Ingredients Result
1x Purified Water
15x Glowing Goop
5x Leavening Agent
1x Absinthe
Glowing Essence
10x Glowing Goop
2x Aloe Leaves
1x Glowing Essence
Cyan Dye
1x Water-filled Glass Flask
1x Glowing Goop
1x Cyan Dye
Flesh of Remembrance
1x Water-filled Glass Flask
5x Blood
3x Glowing Goop
1x Flesh of Remembrance
Night-Eye Potion
1x Water-filled Glass Flask
0x Glowing Goop
1x Sacred Blood
1x Night-Eye Potion
1x Manifestation of Zeal
Glowing Stick
1x Bone
3x Glowing Goop
1x Glowing Stick
Argossean Dream Dust
1x Black Lotus Powder
2x Glowing Goop
1x Argossean Dream Dust