Heart of a Hero

ID 15501
Name Heart of a Hero
Short Description The heart of a fallen hero
Long Description

This heart was taken from the chest of one who once called themselves a hero. The definition shifts between cultures and locations so being sure that one has captured the heart of a hero is a difficult business. Most sorcerers simply content themselves with trying out hundreds of hearts, in the hope that the odds are on their side.

Stack Size 1
Durability 100
Food Amount 5
Drink Amount 0
DLC None
Patch Added 2.0 or earlier
Patch Last Seen In 2.7

Created by

Recipe Name Ingredients

Used in

Recipe Name Ingredients Result
Devil's Bonemeal
1x Heart of a Hero
1x Ancient Rhino Horn
1x Eyes of Innocence
1x Brimstone
1x Devil's Bonemeal
Dead Leg
1x Severed Leg
0x Heart of a Hero
1x Fragment of Power
1x Dead Leg
Bindings of the Dead
3x Fragment of Power
10x Layered Silk
40x Alchemical Base
1x Heart of a Hero
1x Bindings of the Dead