Black Lotus Potion

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Name Black Lotus Potion
Short Description Brewed from the deadly petals of the black lotus
Long Description

The next instant, with appalling suddenness, the jungle waved and dimmed out before his eyes; he did not hear the screams that burst out awfully not far away, as his knees collapsed, letting him pitch limply to the earth. Above his prostrate form the great black blossoms nodded in the windless air.> - Queen of the Black Coast

The black lotus is a much feared, oft-discussed, plant. It is said that the scent of the flowers brings mad, blighted dreams that trouble all but the blackest of souls. The juice of the black lotus is death, an instant plunge into darkness from which one can never recover.

It is rumored that the sorcerers of the Black Ring use the Black lotus to recover their necromantic powers.

This potion, steeped in dark mystery, is death to the unprepared. But for those who know when and how to drink it, it can provide an instant surge of sorcerous power.

Stack Size 20
DLC None
Patch Added 2.0 or earlier
Patch Last Seen In 2.7

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Recipe Name Ingredients
Black Lotus Potion
1x Water-filled Glass Flask
3x Black Lotus Powder
1x Alchemical Base

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