Exceptional Kambujan Shaman Helm

ID 52441
Name Exceptional Kambujan Shaman Helm
Short Description A horned helm worn by the Shamans of Kambuja
Long Description

The jungle-locked kingdom of Kambuja is mysterious to the inhabitants of the dreaming west. Unlike neighboring Vendhya, the locals do not welcome foreign trade and it is said that any merchant who sets themselves on the paths that lead into the jungle will never return.

This armor, then, is a rarity, made from a half-remembered glimpse of a Kambujan Shaman captured by the Vendhyans and put on display in the nations of the west.

The helm is more intimidating than protective, modelled on the blasphemous shapes of a heinous demonic entity. Known as Tim.

Stack Size 1
Durability 325
DLC None
Patch Added 2.0 or earlier
Patch Last Seen In 2.1


Type Value

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Recipe Name Ingredients
Exceptional Kambujan Shaman Helm
1x Medium Helmet Padding
10x Horn
21x Thick Hide
1x Medium Padding

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