ID 89001
Name Campfire
Short Description A small campfire for cooking and keeping warm
Long Description

'Lie here.' He indicated a clean-swept space close to a small flickering fire. He saw no incongruity in a princess lying down on the naked ground beside a campfire, wrapped in a warrior's cloak.> - Black Colossus

The campfire is an adventurers best friend when the nights turn cold and the darkness presses in all around. Made from simple branches and twigs, the campfire is an excellent source of light and heat.

Campfires can be used to cook meat which is important given the number of parasites that infect the wild animals of the Exiled Lands. Better to eat some burned meat, than be poisoned for days.

With the light of a campfire, however, comes visibility. Wary travelers would do well to hide their fires, lest they be ambushed in the night by men with unsavory intentions.

Stack Size 100
DLC None
Patch Added 2.0 or earlier
Patch Last Seen In 2.7

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Recipe Name Ingredients
5x Branch
5x Wood
10x Stone

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