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05 Dec 13:00 πŸŽ„ The correct way to decorate your tree this Christmas! 🎨 u/Dstenersen @oldschoolrs
04 Dec 18:00 βš” We've got some more changes coming to the Wilderness soon: 🟒 Additional Safe Areas ☠ Anti-Skulling... @oldschoolrs
04 Dec 13:21 I love playing UIM JagexNin
04 Dec 12:00 πŸ”” Get yourself ready for the festivities with the fantastic Elvarg Christmas jumper! 🐲 This jumper c... @oldschoolrs
03 Dec 23:01 I love playing UIM JagexNin


17 Nov
This week we've got some short-term changes heading for the Duel Arena, along with an Android Beta update for you Mobile adventurers.


10 Nov
This week we've been tinkering with the loot tables for the recent Wilderness & Revenant changes. Getting the loot right is a delicate matter, after all!


15 Oct
We’re taking things to the Nex level – well, an old level, technically – with the return of Nex!


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