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How to get the OSRS HD Client

Runelite HD Plugin - What is it?

A very ambitious project to bring HD graphics to Runescape. The plugin is the result of 2 years of hardwork by a member of the Runescape community, 117. As he describes it on his patreon (please go support him!):

My HD project is an extension of the popular RuneLite third-party client, building upon its successful GPU plugin. My plan is to release this HD project as entirely open source so it can be used freely by anyone, and it can be worked on by anybody who wishes to help with its development.

How to get it

Make sure you first install the Runelite client. You can download it from their homepage at https://runelite.net

  1. Open Runelite and click configuration in the top right.
  2. Press the Plugin Hub button at the bottom
  3. Search for 117
  4. Click the install button
  5. If the plugin hasn't automatically loaded, go back to the configuration list and switch it on
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